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The Berlin Spree - One of the city's most important attractions

Why you should buy a house in Berlin. Now

Berlin house city market is growing too fast in Berlin. The city currently has an existing annual shortfall of around 120,000 homes and construction...
Ryan Mendoza and Rhea McCauley at half rebuilt Rosa Parks House in Providence

Rosa Parks house ready to leave the city of Berlin

Rosa Parks house moved into in 1957 was slated for demolition before an artist moved it to Berlin in Germany, but as an attempt...

Special presentation of the nearly complete Passion altarpiece by Hans Schäufelein

Hans Schäufelein, left: Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, around 1506; right: Mourning of Christ, around 1506; inner panels of the altar wingsCopyright: Privatbesitz...
Tempelhof, Berlin

Street life #260

Berlin Tripedia. A guide made with contributions by locals in Berlin

A guide made with contributions by locals in Berlin

A guide by locals in Berlin isn't a new novelty, but in this one, you will find the lists of top attractions to visit...
The Gianni Versace Retrospective in Berlin

Gianni loved Berlin. A Gianni Versace retrospective

2018 is the perfect year for commemorating Gianni Versace with the Gianni Versace Retrospective in Berlin. An extraordinary and creative man that loved Berlin. The...