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Spreepark Berlin

Spreepark. An abandoned amusement park in Berlin

The Spreepark in southeastern Berlin has been abandoned for the last years, and it became an interesting obscure attraction of the city. Each part...
Gleisdreieck, Berlin

Street life #267

Jacks Barber Shop

How to get the perfect beard in Berlin. Trim and grow...

Shaving and get the perfect beard in Berlin is a seemingly simple operation but yet the results are not always good. The hair of...
Berlin design hotel is situated in the vibrant and historical heart of Berlin, Mitte

Casa Camper Berlin. Unique, aesthetic and creative hotel

Casa Camper is a unique hotel in two of Europe's most creative cities, Barcelona and Berlin. Casa Camper brings the Camper spirit and values...
You can do it only in the cool Berlin city

You can do it only in the cool Berlin city

Coman Hamilton left Dublin for Germany in 2010 after meeting his future wife, an East Berliner, at UCD. They now have a daughter together...
U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz - Mitte, Berlin

Inside #10