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A guide made with contributions by locals in Berlin

A guide by locals in Berlin isn’t a new novelty, but in this one, you will find the lists of top attractions to visit in a particular place with accurate details, themes, maps as well as important information about places.


Berlin Tripedia. A guide made with contributions by locals in Berlin
Berlin Tripedia. A guide made with contributions by locals in Berlin

Tips and secrets handed down by the locals of Berlin

A beautiful travel lasts a lifetime in the form of a memory and you can make it worthwhile by following the guide by locals in Berlin, full of impeccable details and tips made by Tripedia. Explore the website for perfectly prepared blog posts with magnificent pictures of places.

Written with precision and designed with beauty these blogs are an insight to the travel destinations which are a must visit places, the guide by locals in Berlin proposed by Tripedia is an interesting companion to your journey in the most exciting city of the world.

If you plan a weekend or a month in Berlin as a tourist, this is a nice and operative written guide with handful tips and suggestions. The most part of the material on this guide is made with the contribution of local people living in Berlin, so you can find it really useful and interesting.

Here some examples of the guides that you can find on Berlin Tripedia.

24 hours in Berlin

So you just have one day to explore Berlin, don’t worry, we have come up with a list of top attractive places that you must visit. They highlight Berlin’s history and culture. Berlin is famous for many of its historic landmarks and museums.

If you can include all of these tours, your Berlin trip is complete. Although, I have also included some places that you would want to visit if in case you get some extra time. Some places require not more than a few minutes of your precious time. Just click photos and move to your next hot spot.

24 hours in Berlin – https://tripedia.info/24-hours-in-berlin-attractions-worth-visiting/

A week in Berlin

A week in Berlin may seem like a short time when you reach the end of the journey, after all, with all the options available, you have the feeling that you need more time. You can split your visit in Berlin Arts, Berlin 2nd World War, Berlin Cold War, Berlin Festivities and Berlin Daily. The most important thing is to mix all these scripts to take even more advantages. Check out our suggestion of what to do in Berlin during a one-week trip.

A week in Berlin – https://tripedia.info/a-week-in-berlin-what-to-see-and-do/

Top 10 Places To Go Shopping In Berlin

So you want to visit the 10 best places to go shopping in Berlin, let’s go and start with the shopping mall named Alexa at Alexander Platz is a very famous one and very easily reachable since it is located in the middle of the city! The mall has a vast variety of shops that cannot be found at every corner and hence becomes a place for some quality shopping. Alexa is not only famous for the number of shops that it consists of but also because of the architectural marvel that it is. Make sure to go here at least once!

Top 10 Places To Go Shopping In Berlin – https://tripedia.info/top-10-places-to-go-shopping-in-berlin/

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