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A new green path designed for cyclists in Berlin

Radbahn could be the ‘next big thing’ for Berlin street life. The growing idea is to use the area under the path of the elevated U1 and U2 U-bahn line to create a green road specifically designed for cycles.

The Radbahn Berlin Project
The Radbahn Berlin Project

9 km of green under the elevated underground lines from Charlottenburg to Friedrichshain

Radbahn will transform the forgotten space along Berlin’s famous U1 elevated subway line into a major urban thoroughfare and create a space for contemporary mobility, innovation and leisure.


The Radbahn Berlin Project
The Radbahn Berlin Project


It is a stage, a place for encounters, interaction and social life. A shared roof for all the city’s residents. Radbahn is the new idea to bring more innovation and more respect to environment to the central area of Berlin city.


The Radbahn Berlin Project
The Radbahn Berlin Project


Berliners love to use bicycles to move around the city and Radbahn is the key for more and more clean mobility. To a bright future, to a clean and modern metropolitan city.

With the Radbahn concept, we take these qualities and transfer them to the future. In seven sections we show and formulate what we consider desirable for our city and its inhabitants. It is a vision in which there is a lot of love for the individual spaces. We believe that the Radbahn can help to promote positive development in these and adjoining urban areas.


The use of unused space, actually most used to park cars, for a cycle path is a winning idea. A big bike-bahn for bicycle traffic and separated from the car roads, a cycle route that is a safe way to move quickly between Friedrichshain and Charlottenburg.



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