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A practical guide to Berlin

A practical guide to Berlin with what key information, is it really possible? All the series of phenomena and situations that would be good to know before you come to live in Berlin and that can make life easier for those who come here for the first time.

Considering the vastness of Berlin and the massive amount of cultures, people and anything that is present in the city, a such type of guide, in our opinion is impossible. But, we can write some useful information.

Strange things #41
Spree, Berlin

The most unique city in the world

Berlin is a lively and cool capital, which never bores and which is in constant motion, which fascinates regardless of form and substance. Not the cleanest, not the cheapest, not the funniest, but, believe us, Berlin is like the most unique one.

Berlin is out of the climate changes: here is cold in winter and hot in summer. Ok, really cold in winter! There is everything people can feel the need: job opportunities, real fun, art everywhere (really everywhere!), the river Spree, the possibility of seeing personal and professional projects realized, many centers and persons from all the world. Do you really need more?

More is the fact that you don’t find the turnstiles in the metro because people pay the tickets and who didn’t pay, go to prison. More is that here it is expected that the passengers get off the means, before going up. And I could continue indefinitely so, do you really need more?


Berlin has a big problem with the new incoming airport, but Schönefeld and Tegel are enough for now. They are both very easy to reach by public transport but with a substantial difference. While Tegel Airport is still in the AB transport area, which it means that the regular fare ticket is cheaper than to Schönefeld because this airport is located in the outer C transport zone.


The Kneipe still exists! The typical Berlin corner pubs and taverns. A selection of pubs in every neighborhood, the real and unique temples for Berliners, where you have to go if you want to savor and smell the true soul of the city. Avoid the new hipster’s places, and dive headlong into the real local culture. In addition to knowing the authentic appearance of the old Berlin, you will also save some nice money.


A Späti for all. What would Berlin be without its Spätkauf? Whatever you want to drink or eat at any time of day or night, these sort of mini markets offers everything. From tobaccos to drinks, from snacks to basic food items, with music or not, with people playing cards or not, serious or funnies, with computers, printers, and Internet connection or not, with Bretzel or not, here you can find all the alcohol of the world in a few square meters.


The value of Sunday for the true Berliners. Unbelievable for people coming from other parts of the world, Sunday is sacred in Berlin and not only for religious people. Here the shops on Sundays remain closed. Supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping centers are all closed on Sunday. Sunday is made for parks and museums, for a boat trip on the lake and for recover from the last rave party in Friedrichshain. Sunday is for the karaoke at Mauer Park in Prenzlauer Berg. Sunday is for relaxing and sleeping.


Forget the shame of showing you naked in the places where it is intended in Berlin. In fact, it is forbidden to make a sauna wearing a bathing suit because it is considered anti-hygienic. The first time you go to a health club, or just in the gymnasium locker room, you will notice how much they care. Leave your embarrassing charm away from Berlin, because this city is different.

Ok, a guide did not come out of it. So many thoughts, so many emotions, so many things that those who have never been in Berlin maybe do not expect. Here, so maybe you’ll be able to be a little more prepared to face this incredible and phantasmagoric city. Really the most unique in the world!