Berlin is the place to be. We love the city of Berlin!
Berlin is the capital of Germany, but we also consider it the capital of Europe. It’s somewhat the opposite of what the traditional German city looks like, Berlin is a big modern metropolis, a city of the world. Here in Berlin, the sausages – the famous currywursts – are with ketchup and curry instead of mustard, ich – the German first person nominative pronoun – is sweetly soft and all the spoken language is slightly different from the rest of the country. And these are just a small part of how different and amazing Berlin is.


“Berlin is the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.”

David Bowie


OddBerlin is about two people around a reality that show different and contrasting elements in constant evolution, a reality where creativity has no limit, a reality that surprises you without claims and that leaves you with a multitude of divergent images engraved in mind, a reality that leaves the desire to be told.


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