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Absolute atmospheres to try in the city of Berlin

Ok, you know, all the people say Berlin is a unique city in the world, but why? Because of its past, of its present and of its future. The shape of the city due to its variegated past, the stories and the vicissitudes of its inhabitants, the conquered freedom that one breathes everywhere and that sense of being part not of a city but of the whole world, that makes everyone’s days full of joy and happiness.

In the midst of all this, the sparkling and different atmospheres that can be savored in the different Kiez of the city. Here is therefore a small taste of that being part of Berlin that makes the city so unique and particular, different from all the metropolises of the rest of the world.

Once again we tell you, and we will never tire of repeating it, Berlin is the place to be. Now.

This is the first post of a series that shows many different atmospheres that you can live in Berlin city. We hope you enjoy it!

Französische Straße. The Berlin shopping and luxury area

Französische Straße is a Berlin U-Bahn underground station located under the road Friedrichstraße in central Berlin. Around U-Französische, the area is spotted of luxury shops and shopping places.

The story of East meets West – audacity meets allure and cool versus classic, Berlin is bound to captivate any kind of visitor. Whether you’re here for the party, vibrant culture, culinary excellence or extensive history you’ll be sure to be swept up in this city’s smorgasbord of freethinking spirits.

Savignyplatz Berlin. The chic and vivid square of Charlottenburg

Berlin is an exciting, cosmopolitan cultural hub that never ceases to attract artists from around the world. A diverse cultural scene, a critical public and an alternative audience of hipster intellectuals characterize the city. In the middle of it all, the buildings, the places, the nature.

Savignyplatz is a square area located in the modern borough of Charlottenburg. Tradition meets modernity and Savignyplatz has just as much to offer. A plethora of cafés, bars, and restaurants, as well as galleries and shops, brings the area around Savignyplatz chic and vivid, a perfect place for culture, arts and relax.

Nollendorfplatz Nolle. Latex and Goya at Schöneberg

“By the early 1930s, Nollendorfplatz was the hub of gay and lesbian life in Berlin and a thriving entertainment district. Bars, cafes and dance halls were thriving for those who could afford it but were equally attractive to those who couldn’t. Prostitution was widespread and, seemingly, tolerated.”

Here the article of Cabaret Berlin.

Today, Nollendorfplatz (colloquially called Nolle or Nolli) is a square in the central Schöneberg district of Berlin, Germany. Full of life and people, surrounded by street with bars, pub, latex shop, and many other fun things. Wow, a really amazing place to be.