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Against large real estate groups. Berlin has too high rents

In the German capital, the price of the houses increases by 20% every year, the rents go to the stars and the expropriations of apartments have become an emergency.

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In Berlin, the monthly household spending reaches prices never seen before. With a budget of 700 euros per month, a German citizen can only afford a studio apartment in one of the city’s most infamous neighborhoods. The situation has worsened due to the concentration of apartments in the hands of a few real estate groups. For example, only the company Deutsche Wohnen owns more than 100 thousand apartments. For this reason, a collection of signatures against the real estate companies of the capital began.

The governing mayor Michael Müller would like to repurchase the housing stocks of the former GSW from the controversial real estate group Deutsche Wohnen. The state of Berlin had sold the housing company GSW with 65,000 municipal apartments in 2004 for its time 405 million euros to private investors. The cost of a buyback would be many times higher. The book value of its 110,000 apartments in Berlin, of which almost half is attributable to GSW, is stated by Deutsche Wohnen at 15.6 billion euros. Implementing Müller’s plans would cost the country at least seven billion euros.

For the association of construction companies, the solution is not the expropriation but the construction of new apartments accessible for the middle class. In the Berlin city, it is estimated that 300 thousand homes are missing and with a trend of new 50000 berliners every year, the situation could be become explosive.

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