Ampelmann’s birthday celebration with special Google Doodle

The most incredible icon of the city is on top on the Google Doodle. Unique Berlin mascot is about 56 years old and the search engine of Big G noticed it.


The iconic Mr. Ampelmann of Berlin
The iconic Mr. Ampelmann of Berlin

Ampelmännchen, the iconic traffic light man of Berlin

The father of the Ampelmann was traffic psychologist, engineer and designer, Karl Peglau.

Peglau was concerned by the ever-increasing risk cars posed to pedestrians throughout the 20th century and presented his designs for a little human figure to the East Berlin traffic authorities on October 13th, 1961.



The Berlin ‘Ampelmann’ or ‘Ampelmännchen’, meaning little traffic-light man, is an icon of the city and today Google Germany is celebrating his 56th birthday with his very own animation.

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