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Badeschiff. A swimming pool in the Spree

Well, in Berlin you can also try this experience. Enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city, swimming in a floating pool immersed in the Spree, the river that crosses the city.


Badeschiff. The Spree pool in Berlin - © Ulrike Berlin
Badeschiff. The Spree pool in Berlin – © Ulrike Berlin

The Badeschiff is an oasis of pleasure immersed in the Spree river

The pool was built from an old cargo ship and has been placed in one of the most popular locations in the city for fun, we are talking about the area including the Arena, the Club de Visionare and many other localities between Kreuzberg and Treptow.

The Badeschiff Arena however offers more than one bath in the pool, in fact it is connected by a wooden jetty to a beach where you can relax on deck chairs, drink any kind of cocktails and listen good music. It is often featured with DJ sets and spectacular music parties, they are often organized events ranging from sports to music.

We recommend you to visit the official site or the social accounts to see what they are planning for you this summer!

As you can imagine, since the mix of activities it offers is very popular with both Berliners and tourists, keep in mind that it is often very crowded but certainly worth going on. Here you can even see a beautiful sunset or the night lights of the city skyline enjoying the beautiful location and the spectacular atmosphere.

Just a couple of annotations, the pool is not heated and so often the water is not really hot. If the weather is bad it may be closed, to access it you must pay and there are some rules of conduct regarding, for example, where to place towels or slippers.

Finally, if you are in the city during the winter, consider that The Badeschiff, during this time of year, becomes a beautiful (fully covered) sauna.


Useful links:

Official website Arena Badeschiff link: http://www.arena.berlin/en/location/badeschiff/

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/badeschiff/

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/badeschiff_berlin/

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