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The #BerlinBlossom Map

Berlin, the capital city of diverse cultures, has a special mood and harmony.  At the heart of Germany, Berlin is also recognized as a place of freedom, happiness and fun. Like a vibrant enjoyable metropolis, with many traditions and many and more new trends.

Berlin, blossom and bike. This is spring!
Berlin, blossom and bike. This is spring!

The spring is coming to Berlin

This year, the official Berlin tourism website, visitBerlin (http://www.visitberlin.de/en), has created a metro map showing the most beautiful places in the city where you can enjoy the show of the nature and the sparkling atmosphere that brings the spring.
The map shows the most beautiful places to spend moments of relaxation in this period of year, from parks to riverside and lakes around the city of Berlin. The map is also rich of informations about the flowers that will color the corners of the city. It also indicates their flowering period and offers tips and suggestions about Festivals dedicated to the nature that characterizes this time of the year, from the Cherry Blossom Festival to the Gärten der Welt during The Blossom Festival at the Castle of Biesdorf, up to the Hanami Japanese Festival at Teltow and Lichterfelde.


#BerlinBlossom - The map of the spring in Berlin
#BerlinBlossom – The map of the spring in Berlin


Links to find and download the #BerlinBlossom map:

visitBerlin also invites to use the hashtag #BerlinBlossom to tag photos that portray the spring in the city of Berlin.