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Berlin British Hipsters. Leave or remain?

Berlin is undoubtedly the most cool city in Europe, maybe in the world. With an incredible 24/24 hours nightlife, a multi cultural culinary scene and affordable living, Berlin has attracted people from all over the world. British hipsters know that and came to Berlin en masse.


Berlin is the coolest city in Europe and hipsters know that

Berlin’s hipsters call home the former East Berlin areas of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Those areas are actually very different from the others in the city. Kreuzberg was and is an incredible mixture of people from any part of the world, today also embraces and loves the rising hipster scene of digital media and creative start-ups. Kreuzberg is also the favorite place for Erasmus students and overseas expats.

Take a look at the amazing cultural scene of the most wanted Berlin kiez. Grab the unique guide to hot Berlin, find the most referenced places in the city, enjoy the Bohemian, Funky, Artistic and Hipster: HouseTrip’s Guide to Berlin’s Central Areas or the Ich Bin Ein Hipster: Berlin’s Coolest Spots For Creative Minds.

Berlin's hipsters are so cool
Berlin’s hipsters are so cool

After Brexit. What will happen to Berlin’s hipster scene?

A joking article of British newspaper ask this question, so what will happen to hipster scene of Berlin city. Take a look at the funny article from The Daily Mash. It seems that Berlin will return thousands of hipsters when Britain leaves the EU.

Angela Merkel confirmed that British hipsters would be expelled post-Brexit as they have little to offer Germany except basic website design skills and minimal techno club nights.

The article makes laugh, but only up to a certain point. The hope is that Berlin will not lose any of its members because they are all so significant. From the hipsters to everything else.