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Berlin. The capital of Europe

There was a time about the most exciting city of the world. Forget London, forget New York, forget Mexico City.

Berlin is the answer.


Berlin mixture. A combo of art, culture and parties

Berlin is an amazing multicultural metropolis that maintains values and recipes of the past, an easy character of an international traveler. Locals love personal freedoms and creative lifestyle, people of Berlin stay away from status symbols culture. Cafes and Bars are opened at all hours, drinking beer walking down the streets is a religious rite and going by bicycle is a must. Berlin is incredibly big, but using public transport you can go wherever you want and whenever you want.


A typical sight in Berlin
A typical sight in Berlin


Berlin is pure life, extremely full of life, but good life. Berlin city is so hot and addictive, that other metropolis seem too quite and dark. It inspires people at every corner, at every door, at every bus stop. Berlin accepts every kind of people and never look bad anyone. Berlin put your soul in a good mood and make people feel better with all the world and other people. Berlin is everything and more.


Berlin city. Come to me and you never go back

Berlin is a modern world city of art, bars, clubs, discos, culture, museums, politics, media and science-related things. Its economy is still growing by the push of the creative industries and the new incoming start-ups. Berlin is called the new Silicon Valley and many IT industries are moving to the city. Berlin is becoming an important inter-continental hub for the entire world and has an incredible and complex public transportation network. The metropolis is also a very popular as a tourist destination and as a conference location for organizations.


Why so many people fall in love for Berlin?
Why so many people fall in love for Berlin?


If you mind to come to Berlin for holiday, for working or for something more, let’s suggest you some nice resources over Internet about Berlin city. Start knowing the history of Berlin city over Wikipedia pages and over the official Berlin Tourism Website. Then move to the Berlin Page of the Lonely Planet Guide and discover why so many people started loving Berlin. Read the Introduction to Berlin, discover the best place to stay on holiday or to live, enjoy the Travel Guide to Berlin or, if you are already living in Berlin, choose your favorite events in the middle of the billion of events available in the city.