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Berlin Kidz. How to surf the Berlin metro like the beach boys

100% pure adrenaline, this is the Berlin Kidz. A group of stuntmen that perform many things and also surfed the Berlin metro. The videos of the collective are simply exceptional and emotional.


Berlin Kidz. Three days of freedom and pushing new limits

The video has appeared on the Vimeo channel of Cpt_Olf, the editor in charge of the Berlin Kidz collective. He has also a super exciting Instagram profile, where he has published several photos. Shot in Berlin along three days, the video shows the Berlin Kidz struggling with a super dangerous U-Bahn ride.

The actions shown all took place over three days.
It was three days of freedom and pushing new limits.
Thanks to everyone who was involved during this memorable time.



The video begins immediately with a warning to the spectators: do not repeat it!

The stunts are absolutely professional train surfers. In fact, we see them jumping off the bridges directly into the river or standing on the typical yellow U-Bahn cars, sometimes even completely naked. For those who do not know them, the Berlin Kidz is a group of stuntmen and artists from Kreuzberg.

In addition to the acrobatics around the city and the masks that hide their faces, the distinctive signature of the Berlin Kidz is the vertical writing on the buildings. With the help of climbing equipment, the Berlin Kidz climb the tallest buildings in Berlin city, decorating the building walls with red and blue writing, special graffiti or strange murals.


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