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Berlin Tegel airport will become a location for techno music events

The Berlin Tegel airport is destined to be closed soon, replaced by the brand new Berlin BER Brandenburg airport. In its place, there should be a large music pole dedicated to electronic and techno music. Tegel techno: another time, Berlin city is far away at the cutting edge.


Tegel. A new giant in the Berlin's techno scene
Tegel. A new giant in the Berlin’s techno scene

Electronic, EDM and Techno in place of the Berlin Tegel airport. That’s amazing

Yes, the Berlin BER Brandenburg airport is facing a big and serious delay, probably it will be ready to open only in 2020, but before or later it will become the first airport of Berlin city and it will push Tegel Flughafen TXL airport to the closing time. So, what Berlin will do with the wide place where Tegel airport is located?

The newspaper ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ reported that the Club Commission of the German capital (the association that represents the Berlin clubs and protects its interests) is about to formalize the idea of the Flughafen TXL airport as a party and festival location that can also accommodate a new complex of clubs.

When and if this is really happening is still unclear, though, since a majority of Berliners voted to keep Tegel open in a Referendum last year. Just in these days, some experts appointed by the administration of the Berlin city are evaluating the suitability of the structure for this ambitious project.

It seems that the answers have already been positive as airport spaces such as the control tower and soundproofed hangars, where engine tests are performed, have appeared ideal for the project.

Once again, Berlin proves to be at the forefront of musical and architectural themes with structured reconversion of large areas otherwise abandoned to themselves. It will be a new era for the Berlin techno scene and Tegel will rise to international clubbing destination. We are so excited, but is it too nice to be real?

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