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Has Berlin becoming the new cryptocurrency capital?

Berlin is the capital of Germany and, in a strict way, also of united Europe. Alternative neighbourhoods, art, culture and an unique charge of energy make Berlin one of the most interesting metropolis of our time. But, something more is coming to Berlin from the future.


Bitcoin and Berlin. Revolution has started
Bitcoin and Berlin. Revolution has started

Abandoned buildings and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. What a combination!


In the most part of the cities of the world, people don’t know what cryptocurrencies are. Words like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero are unknown and people usually use cash instead of digital cards. No, not in Berlin.

The front face is dug from a movie like Mad Max, with from anarchists and squatters in abandoned buildings, but behind that, an entirely digital world is established in Berlin. Just take a look at 10 Awesome Places to Spend Bitcoin in Berlin to have an idea of what you can do with cryptocurrencies in Berlin and remember that ten years ago it was nearly the same.

Many places accept cryptocurrencies in Berlin
Many places accept cryptocurrencies in Berlin

The digital currency boom is also bringing venture capital to Berlin. Money, technologies and highly skilled professionists had came to Berlin in the last ten years and now the city represent the Crypto Valley of the world. Nowadays, you can buy an apartment, book holidays, eat and drink in Berlin and even pay for further education using cryptocurrencies, or you can also find on-site Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero have becoming every day words among the streets of Berlin.


A lot of handful stores had already accepted leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin when no one knew it (the beginning of the coin!) and now growing crypto-related startups and investors are making really difficult the search of an apartment in Friedrichshain for normal people. Bars, pubs and restaurants already accept crypto coins like Bitcoin and Monero. Monero has also a really fast-rising community in Berlin.


Berlin is the crypto capital of Europe if not the world

“The city emerged as a Bitcoin hub quickly because of a handful of early adopters living in the once-alternative Kreuzberg neighborhood. The district’s history of squats with revolution-seeking anarchists mixed with a German distrust of government-backed currencies — a throwback to the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic — ignited a local cryptocurrency scene.”

As the interesting article Berlin, the cryptocurrency capital on Blockchain gang – Handelsblatt GLOBAL says.

Nominated for the first time the Bitcoin Capital of Europe by the Guardian in 2013, Berlin remains the Bitcoin capital of Europe in 2018 and asks for the title of the Bitcoin capital of World. As explained in Why Berlin remains the Bitcoin capital of Europe in 2018 on TheLocal.DE, Berlin remains at the top of the crypto cities due to crypto currencies acceptance, to the number of growing crypto start-ups and to the quantity of money moving to cryptos in Berlin.


Startups, conferences and cryptocurrencies in Berlin
Startups, conferences and cryptocurrencies in Berlin

For example, Inside Bitcoins Berlin is a series of global Bitcoin conferences, focusing on networking and discussion, topics dealt with: building on and improving legacy financial systems, freedom of speech, and the Bitcoin revolution. And this is only one small drop in a open wide sea.

The big innovation in Berlin is born thanks to its entrepreneurial ecosystem, the affordable cost of living and the amazing international population. Live in Berlin, means live not in Germany, not in Europe, but in the World. When Frankfurt attracts the Brexit exiting banks (something from the past!), all the new digital start-ups crypto and not crypto related are moving to Berlin.


Everyday within its streets you’ll usually find blockchain, Bitcoin and Monero meetup groups, coworking spaces dedicated to technologies, cryptocurrencies and anything future-related, and a hive of disruption. Take a look at the 5 of Berlin’s hottest blockhain startups in this article from EU-startups.com.

If you have not yet understood it, Berlin is the place to be.