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Berlin. The place to be

Berlin changes all the time, but still remains the place to be. East and west, cold war, world war, classical music, opera, techno scene, party fun, people, nature, the Berlin transports, the gentrified Berlin, the sports teams, the parks, the mood, the ideas. Berlin was and is so many things at the same time that you can feel distressed!


Berlin place to be and you'll find it amazing!
Berlin place to be and you’ll find it amazing!

Why is Berlin city the place to be?

The people of Berlin, the Berliners, are really different from the rest of Germany and from the rest of the world. No way who you are or what you do, you will be well welcomed in Berlin from his habitants.

Berlin is amazing because there are people from all the parts of the world that live here. Berlin is an enormous metropolis full of cultures: you can easily find your place in the Berlin ecosystem. Berlin place to be and you’ll find it amazing!

People here dress what they want and do what they want. It is not simple to explain the Berliner mood and way of life, but this culture is something amazing. Full of energy, mental power, art. In few words: Berlin place to be, feel the vibe, pura vida.

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In this video, five leading representatives of Berlin’s international business community introduce the city as an exciting place for business, a great place to live and explain why Berlin is the place to be.