Home Video The Berlin webcam located on the roof of the Westin Grand Hotel

The Berlin webcam located on the roof of the Westin Grand Hotel

The Berlin webcam is in a great location – with views of the TV Tower, over the Reichstag, to the Brandenburg Gate – the Berliner earthTV camera has a spectacular bird’s eye view of the German capital. The webcam slowly pans to shows you top view of different areas of Berlin – all over the course of a day. The livecam is installed high above the heads of the Berliners on the roof of The Westin Grand Hotel, directly opposite the American Embassy.


 Westin Grand Hotel - Berlin webcam
Westin Grand Hotel – Berlin webcam

See Berlin live from the webcam, even from the other side of the world

Take in a panorama of Berlin’s historic centre – from night views of the street lanterns, car lights and historical buildings of Unter den Linden. Feel the wind in your face, as the German national flag flies high above the historical Reichstag. Get a glimpse of Golden Lizzy over Berlin’s green heart the Tiergarten, as well as the Brandenburg Gate, and up the Unten Den Linden east towards the Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower.

If you are travelling to Berlin and are wondering about what clothes you should pack, you can use our webcams to familiarize yourself. As long with the webcam views, information about the current outdoor temperature, wind speed and rain probability is also available on the livecam feed. Whether it’s day or night, sun, rain or snow, get an impression of the Berlin weather experience via the live webcam. Go live in the sky, get your head in the clouds and watch the Berlin weather via the HD live webcam.

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