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Berlin’s building street art may disappear

Berlin’s iconic street art under threat from property developers and it could also disappear because of the growing demand for new housing in the city. Some of the most famous artwork can leave space to new industrial and residential developments.


Berlin's street art is part of the culture of the city
Berlin’s street art is part of the culture of the city

Street art is a part of Berlin’s culture. Could it really disappear?

For decades, street art has been a prominent feature of Berlin, showing the story of political and social change. But demand for new housing means some of the city’s famous artworks might soon disappear.

This is Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane report from Berlin, Germany.


Remember the other issue of Berlin’s iconic street art: murals uncovered in Berlin, but not for a long time. Growing number of artworks painted on buildings are vanishing from German capital as developers fill in empty lots. Tourists heading to Berlin for a culture fix this spring will not have to pay an entrance fee to a gallery to view the German capital’s best-kept art secret.

The big problem to Berlin’s iconic street art, is housing demand in the city. Berlin house city market is growing too fast in Berlin. The city currently has an existing annual shortfall of around 120,000 homes and construction of new houses can’t follow that rhythm. More than 50,000 new Berliners every year, a declining supply and a rising demand for houses mean you should buy a house in Berlin quickly.

So, what’s happening in the future of Berlin’s street art?

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