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Brandenburger Tor. That is the majesty of the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the Berlin’s most recognized symbol and also one of the most important monuments of the city. Know as Brandenburger Tor in German, the gate is a former symbol of the divided city, the past that separated East from West Berlin, geographically and politically.

A symbol of Europe, freedom, and peace. Das Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate is the best-known monument of the city as well as the symbol of the whole of Germany so that its image appears on the coins of 10, 20 and 50 euro cents issued by the National Mint. Without a doubt, it is incredibly beautiful and its meaning and the historical events that have seen it as the protagonist that define its value.

When the Revolutions of 1989 occurred and the wall was demolished, the gate symbolized freedom and the desire to unify the city of Berlin. Thousands of people gathered at the wall to celebrate its fall on 9 November 1989. Now, the Brandenburg Gate is world recognized as a symbol of freedom and peace and this is making Berliners so proud of this monument.

Berlin is an exciting, cosmopolitan cultural hub that never ceases to attract artists from around the world. A diverse cultural scene, a critical public and an audience of film-lovers characterize the city: the Brandenburg Gate is the perfect set for your next movie.

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