Some Berlin video footages were taken walking through the streets of the city with an old video camera


Incredible scenes as Union Berlin reach Bundesliga for first time ever!

Just look at the scenes as Union Berlin clinched their first ever promotion to the Bundesliga with a 0-0 draw at home...

Hallo Montag Open Air live from Berlin

Let's dance like no one watches to the finest House tunes with an incredible view on the canal and surrounded by beautiful...

Best of Berlin city with Marlon Hoffstadt

Berlin lifetime native and House/Techno producer Marlon Hoffstadt, took some time out from producing to show us his 5 STAPLES of the...

Fritz Kalkbrenner live at the Berlin Festival

Fritz Kalkbrenner live @ Berlin Music Festival found in the free ArtE Media Library. One of the best sets...

Alexanderplatz. Above and beyond

Berlin is an exciting, cosmopolitan cultural hub that never ceases to attract artists from around the world. A diverse cultural scene, a...

How to find an apartment and to rent it in Berlin

Kaisa is originally from Helsinki, Finland but now she is currently living and working in Berlin. On this video, you can find the tips...