Some Berlin video footages were taken walking through the streets of the city with an old video camera


An amazing videogame scale replica of Berlin

One of the most popular video games is Cities Skylines. With its numerous DLC, it has expanded the experience making the true...

A Berlin travel guide that includes 28 secrets

A Berlin travel guide with 28 secrets included things to do and best places to visit which were carefully selected for the...

Maybachufer. The Turkish Market in Berlin

Maybachufer Strasse is a street in Kreuzkolln, a meta-district across the kiez of Kreuzberg and Neukolln. This part of the city is...

On the way to Turkish Market

Schönleinstrasse is the perfect road to the Turkish Market in the Kreuzkolln district of Berlin. Schönleinstrasse is a Berlin U-Bahn station opened...

The road to Devil’s Mountain

Heerstrasse is a railway station located in the Westend district on the western city border of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin and today it...

BERLIN, I LOVE YOU with Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren

Berlin, I Love You is the fourth episode of the Cities of Love saga, composed of Paris, Je T'aime, New York, I...