Some Berlin video footages were taken walking through the streets of the city with an old video camera

One Day in Berlin

One Day in Berlin

Visit Berlin is one of the most incredible experience you can do in your life. No matter if you can't, take a look at...

Berlin. Expedia City Video Guide

Check the Berlin - Expedia City Video Guide. Right to watch, Berlin gives you fun and culture, spots and museums, and more and more.   Easy...
The area surrounding the historic museum in Köllnischer Park

Märkisches Museum Area

The Märkisches Museum is founded in 1874 as the museum of the city of Berlin and its political region, the March of Brandenburg, it...

Live Like a Local. What to do in Berlin

When you travel, it's great to know what to do when you arrive at your destination. Upgrade your international status from "tourist"...
Berlinale 67 - Road to celebrities

Berlinale 67 – Road to celebrities

The most cosmopolitan images come from the Berlinale Filmfest Berlin is an exciting, cosmopolitan cultural hub that never ceases to attract artists from around the...
Don't feel like a tourist in Berlin, be a local

How to get around Berlin like a local

Don't feel like a tourist in Berlin, here are all the practical tips you need to travel through the city like a native. So,...