Home Writings News Does Berlin want to become a rich and settled city like Munich?

Does Berlin want to become a rich and settled city like Munich?

No, please no. Berlin is unique and it should remain the same without losing its creativity, but it seems that the city is unable to prohibit the fast-growing capitalists from upping commercial and residential rents.

Fernsehturm - Mitte, Berlin
Fernsehturm – Mitte, Berlin

Who owns the city — its inhabitants or the investors buying it up?

There is no doubt about the transformation undergone by Berlin in the last decades, the fundamental problem is being able to understand where everything will go and what is actually better for the city.

“Does Berlin want to become a rich, clean, and settled city like Munich? Or does it want to preserve its brand as an experimental playground for creatives, liberal free spirits, and those after alternative lifestyles?”

Kann das Berghain Berlin retten?

Will the development destroy the Berlin’s Clubs night scene?

Nobody wants to be against the progress and development of the city, the only thing we want is that it keeps its creative soul that makes it so unique, imperfect and recognizable.

“In the past six years alone, the price of land there has risen by 600%. Bar 25 no longer exists, Watergate is struggling to survive. And Berlin is at a crossroads.”

“With 31 million overnight stays a year, Berlin has become the third most popular destination for city breaks in Europe after London and Paris. One out of every three visitors to Berlin says they’ve come for the nightlife.”

Elrow finally arrives in Berlin
Elrow Music Party in Berlin – April 1st

“The population rises by approximately 40,000 residents every year, and in a few years, the city could cross the four million mark. While not everyone comes for the nightlife, many do — and many of those who come are the sort of people Berlin urgently needs — young, educated above average, and international.”

Berlin was built on an epic club scene, but the party could soon be over

Before all of this however, Berlin was an international hub for artists and those looking to live out alternative lifestyles. Turning the city into a London or a Paris would cause it to lose its shape and substance. It is difficult to stop speculators, especially those with a lot of money, but a couple of small and simple rules could help Berlin retain its unique uniqueness.

Does still exist a sustainable development for Berlin?

The basic idea is simple: to grant progress, but to keep intact the peculiarities of the city. Districts such as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Schoneberg, instead of being gutted for the construction of new skyscrapers, should be preserved. There is so much space around Berlin, why does not grant the possibility of building and progressing elsewhere?

Munich Or Berlin: Where To Go First?

Street life #56
Berlin’s painted building in the middle of trees – S-bahn BVG Berlin

A mix of the genre, maintaining the characteristic neighborhoods and giving the possibility to build new ones, would favor a sustainable development of the city keeping intact all the peculiarities that have made it so unique. So, here some reasons to buy an house in Berlin now and why, and here why the rents should stay down in prices.

In all, the fact that Munich is smaller and more settled than Germany’s capital makes it so boring and tidy. Munich is stable but motionless, Berlin is forever changing and reinventing itself. Berlin is larger and more spread out than Munich, living in the Capital might involve a bit more of an open mind and a higher dose of energy to get the most out of it.

A final word: investors, leave the beauty of Berlin as it is and find alternative ways to build towers and castle in the city.