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Google is expanding in Berlin

Google opened a new office in Berlin and its new location in the German capital will give it the opportunity to expand.

Google is also opening the first Google Future Workshop in Berlin
In addition to the office, Google is also opening the first Google Future Workshop in Berlin

Google CEO Sundar Pichai opens new office in Berlin

Google, with the historic Gropius Ensemble in the Forum on Museum Island, is moving into an independent building in the capital for the first time. So, definetily, Google is expanding in Berlin.

In Berlin, among other things, the most modern YouTube Space in Europe and a training center of the education initiative “Google Zukunftswerkstatt” are opened. Overall, the office can accommodate up to 300 employees. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced further investments in Germany as well as an expansion of the digital education offer at the opening of the new office.

“It’s an exciting time to be Googler in Berlin. The city has long been a capital of culture and the media, more and more it is also becoming a center of the start-up scene and a driver of innovation. With this new office space, we can more than double the number of Googlers who work here in Berlin.”

The Google building in Berlin offers space for around 300 employees, cafeterias and conference rooms on approximately 8,500 square meters of floor space. In addition, Berlin’s YouTube Space, which is currently still in Tempelhof, will move into the building. The opening of the new “Space” on the Spree is planned during the year.