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Hemp in Berlin. Demonstration for the legalization of the cannabis

Bärenstark for hemp in Berlin. A powerful demonstration for the legalization of the cannabis in the context of the worldwide Global Marijuana May. Weed legalization makes sense in Berlin!


Berlin and Marjiuana. Is it a correct combination?

The first information about this has been published on the new GMM Berlin website by the Cannabis Social Club Berlin e.V. and information about the Berlin Global Marijuana May 2018 is available on the same website.


Many people believe that the ban on cannabis protects their health
the population. But the opposite is the case!



Legalization makes sense! – Global Marijuana May in Berlin

Meeting point for the demonstration:  Saturday May 5thWarschauer Straße corner of the street “Revaler Straße” – starting at 2:00 pm. A weed peaceful day in Friedrichshain.

The nearest train station to the meeting point is S/U Warschauer Straße station.From there it is only a short walk to the starting point Revaler Straße.


Hemp will be the future of all mankind or there won’t be a future.

Jack Herer


More information on the GMM in other German cities: on the website of the German Hemp Association. Informations about hemp in Berlin, in Germany and in the World. Uses and costumes, health and mind.


We only report this as informations about Berlin things and, as you know, Berlin is a generally marijuana-friendly city. If you would like to know more about it, check the links below. And feel free to be what you are, because Berlin loves you anyway.

Peace and love!


Useful Links

Infos zum Berlin Global Marijuana May 2018 – http://www.gmmberlin.de/2018/04/infos-zum-berlin-global-marijuana-march-2018/

Hanf Museum Berlin (Berlin Hemp Museum) – https://www.visitberlin.de/en/hanf-museum-berlin-berlin-hemp-museum

Mary Jane Berlin 2018 Cannabis Expo – Hemp in Berlin – http://maryjane-berlin.com/en/

Tom Hemps Berlin – CBD Shop – https://www.facebook.com/tomhempsberlin/

Hempmade Berlin – A project aims to portray multiple and meaningful ways to use hemp – https://hempmade.berlin/


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