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How to become a Berlin Startup Hipster

Years of undercover research in the Berlin startup scene, just so you can learn how to become a Berlin Startup Hipster in this educational video guide from fem.couraged.


No fear. Start your journey to becoming a real Berlin Startup Hipster

A video about all the aspects which make Berlin an attractive place to start a business. Not a deep stuff on how to set up a business in Berlin, maybe a good start to explore why Berlin is the place to be to do it, especially for female entrepreneurs, and why the Berlin Startup background is so hipster.

Fem.couraged is a YouTube channel and Berlin event series to bring more empowerment and visibility to female entrepreneurs. They explore existing rules, beliefs, and expectations in the field of innovation, business, money, creativity and womanhood that keeps from thriving as women and stepping into our full feminine expression.


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fem.couraged YouTube video channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCczhh9ySgiE6SUFzS8A8URg

fem.couraged Facebook account – https://www.facebook.com/femcouraged/