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How to find an apartment and to rent it in Berlin

Kaisa is originally from Helsinki, Finland but now she is currently living and working in Berlin. On this video, you can find the tips on renting in Berlin and how to find an apartment in the city.

Apartment hunting can be a hassle, especially if you are moving to Berlin from abroad. Finding an apartment in Berlin is still similar to finding an apartment elsewhere. First, it’s good to consider when to start looking for an apartment. Second, the location, where to live in Berlin, determines a lot how you feel about life in Berlin. Thirdly, you want to calculate your budget for renting an apartment. The price level in Berlin is rather low, but the rents are increasing fast. Fourth, the size of the apartment affects the price but then again, it is convenient to have two bedrooms if you have many friends and family visiting you often. Finally, I don’t think you will need an agent for finding an apartment, but instead, you can search online. I link a couple of websites below I have heard people are using. I used Airbnb Berlin for renting an apartment in Berlin. Berlin Airbnb is a good option if you need a furnished apartment and you are staying in Berlin only for a couple of months.

We agree with Kaisa because we found Airbnb a really good option to rent an apartment in Berlin without the hassle of searching it and without the headaches of usual contracts.

Links for renting in Berlin