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How to get the perfect beard in Berlin. Trim and grow it

Shaving and get the perfect beard in Berlin is a seemingly simple operation but yet the results are not always good. The hair of the beard does not grow homogeneously on the whole face and on the neck. Also in Berlin, so let’s see how to get a perfect beard and the best places to do this.


Get the perfect beard in Berlin thanks to the professional barbershops

There are points where it grows more and after different shaves, it gets harder and harder. What happens then is to find parts where the skin is not smooth and you can still see a little beard. Even if you should not, there are people who do it every day because of the requirements dictated by the workplace if not just pleasure and enjoyment without a beard.

First of all, some small tips to follow:

  • the blades must always be checked and rinsed at the beginning of the operation, at the end and after each passage on the skin;
  • the beard is preferable to do it as soon as you wake up as the skin is softer and more relaxed;
  • the razor must always pass delicately. Better to do more light passes than a few strokes on the skin; otherwise you risk ripping the fur instead of cutting it. Without forgetting the risk of cutting yourself.

Then, how to trim your bear in the right way:

  • apply shaving cream, gel or foam, and massage slowly all the face with the beard;
  • before starting the razor, you can wait a couple of minutes just with the cream on your face to make it soaked;
  • begin to pass the razor first on a cheek from the top down and then even more lightly from the bottom to the top;
  • repeat the same operation on the other cheek and then go to the neck and on the chin;
  • never forget to rinse the razor with each pass;
  • rinse your face with warm or warm water;
  • finally, do not forget the aftershave.

Apart from this step by step guide to trim your beard by yourself, if you live in Berlin, the best thing you can do is to go to a professional barbershop. Barbers in Berlin are a lot and you know why from the big presence of hipster in the city.

Let’s see the best ones.


Jack’s Barber Shop

Jacks Barber Shop
Jack’s Barber Shop

One of the favorite of our readers, Jack’s Barber Shop is located in Sonnenallee 25 in Reuterkiez, Neukölln, not so far from Hermannplatz. Not the cheapest option in town but, in our opinion, they are very skilled barbers.

When going on weekends, be sure to arrive early because you cannot make appointments. Each client takes around 20 minutes and they usually have 3 barbers, so the wait is never long.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Jacks-Barber-Shop-178825455498120/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacks_barber_shop/

ROWDY Barbers

ROWDY Barbers is an exclusive barbershop located in the Berlin-Charlottenburg district. With amazing services for both hair and beard cut, this shop is on top for British Hipster. Prices are high, but service is really a class A. Friendly staff and very professional barbers with high skills, in two words: highly recommend!

Website: https://rowdy-barber.de/

Barber’s Berlin

Barber’s Berlin clearly distances itself from the impersonal mass processing and has set itself the task of bringing the man back to the barber chair. Where it is not about “dollar designs”, but about the honor of the barber and the respect of his craft. Barber’s Berlin is not only a dedication to the man but also the renaissance of a tradition arranged with masculine nouveauté.

Website: https://www.berlinbarbers.com/

M Room Friedrichstrasse

M Room Barbershop Friedrichstrasse
M Room Barbershop Friedrichstrasse

Excellent service, nice haircut, fair prices and great location. They even give you drinks and the place is really clean and comfortable, really highly recommended.

You get a first class haircut, great branded products, and very friendly service. Also, they use a card system because members are treated preferentially and can go as often as they want.

Website: https://mroom.com/germany/de/barbier/berlin-friedrichstrasse/

The Urban Barber

The Urban Barber Shop
The Urban Barber Shop

In The Urban Barber shop, men can still be real men and talk about the things that really interest them. Whether a stout man or a dude with style – masculinity does not need much, but please do the right thing: trendy lifestyle tips and ingenious gadgets, hip beard and hairstyles.

The Urban Barber creates a refuge in which the modern gentleman can decelerate.

Cheap and fair prices, super service, top class hair and beard cuts. In our opinion, one of the best barbershop in Berlin for sure. Just, let’s try it!

Website: https://www.urbanbarber.de/