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IGA Berlin 2017. A surprising festival

In Berlin, from 13 April 2017 to 15 October 2017, there will be the most important international exhibition dedicated to gardens in the urban landscape and it will takes place with a special eye to ecology and environment.


IGA Berlin 2017 - The most important international exhibition dedicated to gardens
IGA Berlin 2017 – The most important international exhibition dedicated to gardens

Ecology and environment. An Ocean of Colors at IGA Berlin 2017

The IGA Berlin is intended as a source of ideas, inspirations and experimentations for the development of sustainable lifestyles. A project for the future of Berlin city, but also for the whole world, because the surprising festival will show us the most beautiful international garden design and the best green urban lifestyle.

The exhibition is held in the peripheral district of MarzahnHellersdorf and it develops around the Gärten der Welt (The Gardens of the World), a green area where gardens have been created over the years with influences from various parts of the world ranging from South-East Asia to  Central Europe.

The motto of the exhibition is “An Ocean of Colors” and it seems that this motto has been respected at the letter between the various installations of the festival, siding from theme gardens to balconies, from vegetables gardens to water garden. It’s a testing laboratory for the contemporary and for the future urban development, the festival creates a wonderful panorama that visitors will also be able to admire also from the top, thanks to the installation of a innovative cable car.

Berlin's first ever cable car system is being built for the IGA 2017
Berlin’s first ever cable car system is being built for the IGA 2017

The 104 hectares of land on which the exhibition takes place has been divided into five areas where different types of projects have been developed, with the Gardens of the World being represented by the international garden design.

In the Wuhletal Valley, there are rare specimens of flora and wildlife, Kienberg Terraces offer new and innovative developments in the urban environment, from the top of Kienberg Hill you can enjoy a fantastic view over the park and, finally, at the Campus visitors can attend lessons, workshops and environmental experiments to discovery all the nature.

For the Berlin IGA 2017, the Kienbergpark was created, born by the union of Wuhletal and Kienberg. This new park includes different types of landscapes created taking sustainability at glance and it will be left after the end of the exhibition and it will be accessible free of charge. A magic idea so that everyone could enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the new Berlin’s Kienbergpark.


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