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Kino international. Where to find English Cinema in Berlin

One of the first thing you wanted to know when you moved to Berlin is where to find English-language theaters and cinemas in Berlin. Yes, same at all of us and also if your German language is still as bad as ours, this can be a ‘gross’ issue.


Berlin is a cultural capital also for movies and cinemas

Don’t worry, Berlin is ahead also on this side. Like others cultural capital, Berlin offers a huge selection of theaters and cinemas where you can find English-language programme. Spotted on various parts of the city, there are a lot of buildings dedicated to non dubbed film versions.

Cinema with English movie in Berlin
Cinema with English movie in Berlin

In the most part of Berlin’s cinemas, you can find 3 kinds of presented movie. Movies in German without any kind of subtitles, movies in original language with German subtitles suitable for international audiences and German-only speakers (OmU – Original mit Untertiteln), movies in original language version without subtitles (OV – Originalversion) and selected German and international movies offered with English subtitles to satisfied the demand of Berlin’s expat community (OmeU – Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln

Berlin is a capital also for art and cinema, you can check the gold attraction that event like the Berlinale produced. Many places are so big, like palace, but others are quite intimate. Some are in the middle of Mitte, others are beyond the city centers. All are clean, with interesting character, and the seats are average comfortable. Just, remember that there aren’t assigned seating, you can sit wherever you want and you must come to theater in advance to keep the best seats.


Berlin city is full of English-friendly cinemas. How to find

First, if you want to know where to find the movie you want to watch in English-language around Berlin, you can check directly the cinemas websites or, like I suggest to you, you can find out which films are showing in English and where with this useful tool: English-language Movies in Berlin.

Berlin cinemas are places full of atmosphere
Berlin cinemas are places full of atmosphere

Second, a small list of interesting places where to go to watch movies with subtitles or with audio in English.

Babylon Berlinwww.babylonberlin.de

B-ware! Ladenkinoladenkino.de

Central Kino – Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin – www.kino-central.de

CineStar Original Sony Center – Potsdamer Str. 4, 10785 Berlin – www.cinestar.de

fsk Kinofsk-kino.peripherfilm.de

Hackesche Höfe Kino – Hackescher Markt,


The Yorck Kinogruppe – Everywhere in Berlin – www.yorck.de/kinos

Zoo Palastwww.zoopalast-berlin.de


If you need more cinemas out from this suggestions, you can check online on:

OV movie search for Berlin – Where to search by movie, cinema, district or date

Films in original version – VisitBerlin – Where to find films in original version

English-language cinemas in Germany – A network of specialized cinemas across the Germany