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Klunkerkranich rooftop bar in Neukölln

If you get there, you can take the vibe of the people and enjoy the sensational view over Berlin. This is a unique place located on top of the Neukölln Arkaden mall.

Rooftop experience in a one of the more bohemian place of Berlin

To enjoy the ambiance and the city view of this cool city, you have to take one of the lifts in the Neukölln Arkaden shopping center and get to the top floor. Here, at the top, when you come out from the lift (or from the cinema floor of the mall) you are in a garage floor and you have to walk up more to find a ramp, whose sides have been decorated with a beautiful roof garden.

Go on and walk it for a few meters until your look will find a stunning view of the city, maybe at sunset or maybe illuminated by the lights of the night or from the the charm of the clouds on the palaces, whatever the time, the view from this rooftop bar always has a great charm.

Klunkerkranich is more than just a rooftop bar, born out of the desire to create a green space in the middle of the city, much of its space is devoted to a project based on volunteering to create an ecological urban oasis above the roofs of the city of Berlin.

The Klunkergarten makes the time spent here even more enjoyable and relaxing with its scattered aroma boxes and the artistic installations, the tables, the platforms and the wooden steps on which you can sit back to enjoy the atmosphere of this unique place in town, sipping a beer or a coffee and enjoying what their kitchen has to offer.

The Klunkerkranich also offers great live music, DJ set or artistic initiatives, and often during these shows the entrance fee is charged. To best organize your exploration in this urban oasis you can consult the events that are scheduled on their website.


Useful links

Klunkerkranich – Official Website http://www.klunkerkranich.org

Klunkerkranich – Facebook page https://facebook.com/kulturdachgartenklunkerkranich/

Neukölln Arcaden Shopping Mall Website http://www.neukoelln-arcaden.de/

Address Neukölln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin



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