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Mustafa’s Kebab & Curry 36 at Mehringdamm

Mehringdamm and Bergmannkiez, a great walking area with a lively atmosphere and many good restaurants to choose from. From the crowdy Mustafa’s Kebab to the famous Curry 36, this neighborhood of Berlin is really full of food and fun.

Kebab, vegetables, sausages and more. This is Mehringdamm

Curry 36 is probably the most famous currywurst-shop in Berlin and is located about 50m from the underground station Mehringdamm, not far from Mustafa’s Kebab, the other great attraction of the kiez.

The Mehringdamm offers a variety of attractions, bars, restaurants, and hotels. In particular, the best snacks, many street foods and also a large selection of great restaurants. And around the corner, there is the incredible Bergmannstrasse.

On Mehringdamm and on Bergmannstrasse, you can find also a lot of happy hour for drinking and eating with cool people. So, have a nice time!

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