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MyFest Berlin. Celebrating Labour Day in Kreuzberg

Now here we are, Labour Day is coming on 1st May and it brings also one of the most beautiful events in the city, the MyFest. The Kreuzberg street festival so it is the name of the party of the Labour Day in Berlin and it takes place in the district of Kreuzberg, in the area between Mariannenplatz, Oranienplatz, Kottbusser Tor and Görlitzer Park.


The legendary Myfest. the legendary Myfest
The legendary Myfest. the legendary Myfest

The Kreuzberg MyFest. Where local residents hold a colorful street festival

The party starts in the morning around 11.30 a.m. and arrives until late at night, but most of the participants arrive from 2 p.m. onwards, so if you go in the area already in the morning you can turn freely between the food stalls and the preparation of the stages for DJs and bands scattered here and along the way, then from early afternoon people increase up and make the turn around the area very very slow.



MyFest SO36 - Credits Gilly
MyFest SO36 – Credits Gilly

The party consists mainly of a lot of music with official groups disseminated in the area of the MyFest but also various types of artists improvised here and there. Everywhere many people surrounding the festival with the desire to dance and have fun.



Myfest in Kreuzberg - Credits Christian Lendl
Myfest in Kreuzberg – Credits Christian Lendl

If you prefer a less crowded environment then head towards Görlitzer Park, here you will always find a lot of people, music, dance, entertainment and lots of people doing picnics outdoors, but the space available is remarkably much and so there is a place for all (which is not always valid especially in the Oranienstrasse area).



Around 18 o’clock from Oranienplatz in the direction of Görlitzer Park the usual anti-system demonstration, which celebrates the true reason for the birth of this day, the Labour day. If during its course you are along its path, pay a little attention because sometimes it is the scene of clashes with the police, clashes that, however, in the last few years have been a little attenuated.


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