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We need one more airport in Berlin. For sure

Berlin is waiting for the official international airport from a long long time, but many people says that Berlin needs another travel hub to support its incredible grow. Where is the truth?

Another air hub is coming to Berlin
Another air hub is coming to Berlin

By 2050, Berlin’s passenger volume will be about of 90 million air travellers

Actually, there’s no way to manage a so big number of air travellers and someone underlines this thing. Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair chief marketing officer, told Berlin-based newspaper Tagesspiegel on Tuesday that the company assumes that by the year 2050, Berlin’s passenger volume will rise to more than 90 million air travellers.

This means that Berlin will triple the 33 million who passed through Berlin’s two operating airports, Tegel and Schönefeld, last year. If this prediction will be real, Berlin really needs a third airport to come.

It’s been hard to keep track of exactly what’s going wrong at the new Berlin airport, but another one could help the manage the incoming air traffic for the city. The delays have already cost taxpayers in Berlin and Brandenburg hundreds of millions and a new airport can cost more and more money in taxes.



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