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New Year’s Eve in Berlin. An explosion of colors

Berlin is an ever-changing artistic experimentation lab, and this aspect can be found in countless ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve.
In this post, you will find a general overview of the various types of places, or ways, to celebrate New Year’s Eve in this eclectic city. Take it as a starting point for your online searches and then enjoy some of the new things that Berlin city offers year after year.


Fireworks illuminate Berlin's Brandenburg Gate - Photo © Richard Bumgardner
Fireworks illuminate Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate – Photo © Richard Bumgardner


Many locations, many people, many parties and many security checks

The most famous location to spend New Year’s Eve in Berlin is under the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column – Siegessäule, on the 2km path stretched in the heart of the Tiergarten, along which there are gourmet food stands and drinks stands from all over the world. Also stalls where you can buy gadgets to celebrate in a brightly and colorful way the beginning of the new year.

No entrance fee but in order to be able to access you have to pass many security checks worthy of a airport’s security check and this involves, especially at the approach of the midnight, long lines to access the places of celebrations. Here the entertainment begins in the afternoon and continues until early in the morning with live music and DJ set. At the midnight, the city celebrates New Year’s Eve with a spectacular fireworks show and the party continues until the first hours of the morning.


Fireworks illuminate Berlin's Central Station - Photo © Jochen Teufel
Fireworks illuminate Berlin’s Central Station – Photo © Jochen Teufel


Romantic cruises on the Spree river. Eating, drinking and dancing

If you prefer to stay warm, considering the winter temperatures of the city of Berlin, there is the embarrassment of choices among restaurants offering a full menu designed for the evening or between places that propose the traditional menu of the day allowing you to dine out, spending and eating as much as you want. For something more romantic and less conventional it is possible to dine on a cruise ship along the Spree and to admire so along the river the spectacle of fireworks that I only think this city is able to offer.

For those who want to stay warm but spend a little more busy night, around the city there are many festivals organized in the most diverse places so to satisfy the most varied tastes, from the premises of Alexanderplatz to the Arena, from Kulturbrauerei to Kino Intenational, from Berghain to Watergate, there are usually several dancing spaces with different musical genres, like disco, pop, house, R’n’B, techno, electro and more. Often the place is located in a location with large windows or terraces that allow you to admire the night lights of the city and the spectacle of the fireworks. To be able to access these events you have to buy an entry ticket and for each single event there may be different types of tickets with different price ranges and different services depending on how much you have paid for. If present, dinner is usually a buffet and drinks are only included in certain types of entrance ticket, it is often advised to purchase the entrance ticket already during the pre-sale which is usually also present online at the event site.


One of the famous Berlin's Disco parties - Photo © Felix Disco Club
One of the famous Berlin’s Disco parties – Photo © Felix Disco Club


Meeting places, crowding streets and special parks. This is Berlin’s Eve

Finally, for the most daring and especially for fireworks lovers, you could spend this holiday party on the streets of the city. Berlin’s streets are crowded with people who throw real fireworks during this night, people of all ages who love to welcome the arrival of the New Year in this crazy roar way.
To live this crazy experience you have only to turn around the streets of the city, but there are also some meeting places and every neighborhood has its own. You can go from the Oberbaumbrucke between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, to the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg or Klunkerkranich at Neukolln … but these are just some ideas and possible locations, if you want to ‘experience this experience’ I recommend you looking for as many info as possible about the festivities and the parties in the neighborhood where you want to spend this night.

Gadget and funnies to spend a crazy New Year's Eve in Berlin - Found on every streets
Gadget and funnies to spend a crazy New Year’s Eve in Berlin – Found on every streets

We personally spent at Viktoria Park near Bergmanstrasse. At the park there is a small hill that allows you to see the explosion of colors in the sky of the whole city and there is also a nice small tiny bar opened for this occasion and so the toast is assured!