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OOOH, BERLIN! The great free maps

Oooh, Berlin! lovingly creates free cool maps for Berlin locals, expats and culture-hunting visitors. If you’re tired of seeing the same old boring maps targeting tourists with uninspiring locations, the free guides of the Berliner Bezirke (City Boroughs) made by Oooh, Berlin! showcasing the very best and unique of the city for both us locals and visitors to enjoy.


Oooh, Berlin! Keeping on top of what’s new & exciting
Oooh, Berlin! Keeping on top of what’s new & exciting

Oooh, Berlin! The free area guides of Berlin city

If you are looking for suggestions to discover the main neighbourhoods of the Berlin city, maybe a little off the common tourist routes, surely the free maps created by Anika Oehme and Chris Foster are a great choice.


We discovered them by chance inside a coworking cafe in Friedrichshain and we let ourselves be transported by the suggested itinerary, so we spent a nice day discovering this neighbourhood and we had so much fun following the first map we found that we ended up looking for all the other Oooh, Berlin! maps.


“From Neukölln to Prenzlauer Berg, each guide is ‘localised’ to suit each area’s unique vibe!”


Oooh, Berlin! Many hundreds of cool bars & cafes
Oooh, Berlin! Many hundreds of cool bars & cafes

The maps show a complete itinerary for at least one day in a district of the city and following the proposed itinerary you will range from places of cultural interest to shopping, the all interspersed with a break in a particular coffee or sipping an excellent drink in a cool bar or savoring excellent cuisine in a fantastic location.

Plus the creators of the Oooh, Berlin! maps seem to know well that Berlin is a city in continuous development and change, so they release new editions every year and also according to the season. It’s really useful for the readers because in fact the districts of the city often come alive in different ways and depending on the time of year.


We had a lot of time so we had fun looking for their maps wandering between cafes, restaurants and bars but if you want, you can also consult and download them from their website both the PC version and the mobile version, in English or German.

Furthermore, through their social accounts, you can continue to discover other pearls of this beautiful city!


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