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Ramen and Pho in Berlin. Eat Asian like a pro

If you love ramen, pho and any other Asian soup, Berlin certainly will not disappoint you thank of its infinite choices. In any neighbourhood of the city, you will not have to turn long before to come across an Asian restaurant. Ramen and Pho in Berlin are really diffused and most of them offer authentic flavours at great prices. Incredibly beautiful places to be enjoyed with a beer, a fresh handmade drink or a tea with Asian flavours.


Ramen and Pho in Berlin are part of the natural background of the city
Ramen and Pho in Berlin are part of the natural background of the city

Ramen and Pho bowls. Easy to find in any neighbourhood of Berlin

Just like in their countries of origin, each restaurant offers its own version of the same soup, with flavours that come from the culinary tradition of those who make the dishes. Ramen and Pho in Berlin are part of the natural background of the city with its multi-cultural soul, you can find a nice place to eat Asian cuisine in every corner of any neighbourhood.

Berlin is a city where you can often eat deliciously spending a good amount and even in this type of restaurants this rule is respected. So you will succeed to enjoy a delicious soup with about fifteen euros and quench your thirst with an Asian flavour. Maybe it’s only psychological taste like in the case of an international good like a Singha or Asahi beer, but it’s Asia in any case.



Indochinese cuisine pointing to Vietnamese, excellent Pho.

They also offer special weekly menus.

“Tatami area” where you can eat sitting on a tatami with low tables and crossed legs, in perfect Asian style.

Umami official website: http://www.umami-restaurant.de/lokale.php

Kreuzberg: Bergmannstrasse 97 (Bergmannkiez)

Prenzlauer Berg: Knaackstraße 16 (Kollwitzkiez)

Great Pho
Great Pho

Cocolo Ramen

Open kitchen, Japanese style cooks as well as welcome greetings and paper napkins at the table.

You can eat on the bench in front of the working chefs in perfect Japanese ramen house style or at the tables.

Cocolo Ramen official website: https://kuchi.de/restaurant/cocolo-ramen/

Cocolo Ramen menu: https://kuchi.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/speisekarte_en_web.pdf

Kreuzberg: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40

Mitte: Gipsstraße 3 (open only the evening)


Excellent Thai cuisine, not only soups but also the perfect Thai pad to enjoy a cold Singha beer.

Lemongrass official website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lemongrass/110828095749575?fref=ts

Friedrichshain: Simon-Dach-Strasse 2


The Thai and Indonesian restaurant has a special but fun service. You can mark on a block what you want and choose from about twenty different dishes that are then served in small bowls and each bowl always costs 3.50 euros. Wishing, however, there are also some large dishes.

Transit official website: http://www.transit-restaurants.com

Transit official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/transit.berlin/

Mitte: Rosenthaler Str. 68

Friedrichshain: Sonntagstrasse 28

Kimchi Princess

Korean cuisine restaurant always very busy, offers different types of dishes, soups, bibimbap and the Korean barbecue.

Kimchi Princess official website: http://www.kimchiprincess.com

Kreuzberg: Skalitzer Str. 36 (near the Oranienstrasse)

Asian foods
Asian foods

Asian atmosphere
Asian atmosphere
Asian drinks
Asian drinks

Men Men

Excellent ramen with a delicate flavour, dumplings, gyoza and ramune (the Japanese soda). The mood and the ambient of Men Men aren’t sophisticated like others, you can feel like at home but in Asia. Definitely, one of our first choice.

We love it !!

Men Men official website: http://www.menmen-ramen.de

Men Men official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menmennoodle/

Neukölln: Weserstraße 16

The Tree

Noodles of Sichuan to taste in a unique environment born from the merging of the passions of its owners, design and architecture, immersed in the white of the rooms, the green of the plants and the warmth of the wood of its tables.

The Tree official website: https://www.facebook.com/thetree.berlin

Mitte: Brunnenstraße 167

Delicious soups
Delicious soups


One of the most famous Thai brand in the city, with multiple restaurants located in different neighbourhoods. The decor of the Papaya restaurants reminds little of the character and atmosphere of Thailand, but the dishes will awaken in you the authentic flavours of Thai cuisine.

Papaya official Website: http://www.papaya-service.de/html/frame.html

Charlottenburg: Kantstrasse 122

Friedrichshain: Krossener Strasse 11 and 15

Schöneberg: Winterfeldtstrasse 42

Chai Village

For those who looking for a good vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant, Chai Village is for. With a wide choice of delicious vegetarian dishes with authentic Asiatic flavours, this restaurant offers you a great taste of Asia.

Chai Village official Website: https://www.chayvillage.de/

Friedrichshain: Niederbarnimstrasse 10

Schöneberg: Eisenacher Strasse 40

Cocoro Ramen

Amazing open kitchen in this small restaurant that serves ramen, but not only, and offers a wide selection of sake and liquors. Great atmosphere, relaxed mood and a scent of Asia.

Really awesome place, delicious, tasty food, authentic Japanese dishes made with love and clean space. Also a very warm and welcoming service.

We like it!

Cocoro Ramen official website: https://www.facebook.com/CocoroHeroes/

Kreuzberg: Mehringdamm 64 (near the Bergmannstrasse in Bergmannkiez)

Amazing tastes
Amazing tastes


Vietnamese restaurant with show kitchen and excellent hospitality in this family-run restaurant. A hidden gem located in the neighbourhood of Schöneberg, really friendly service, great food and amazing good prices.

A super Bun served with fresh herbs, coriander, lettuce salad, roasted peanuts, soybean sprouts and cucumber in a super delicious chilli-garlic sauce.

Another our favourite selection.

Pho12 official website: http://www.pho12.de

Schöneberg: Bayerischer Platz 12

Lemon Leaf

Indochinese, Cambodian, Laotian and Thai cuisine are spoiled for choice under a multitude of colourful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Experience the dishes of Laos, specialities from Cambodia or immerse yourself in the mysterious cuisine of Vietnam.

Enjoy homemade drinks in a location that combines the lifestyle of a creative bar with the flair of Asian restaurants.

Lemon Leaf official website: http://lemonleaf.de/

Friedrichshain: Grünberger Strasse 69

Lon Men’s Noodle House

An incredible Taiwanese restaurant in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. It’s worth a while before you find a seat in this small, busy restaurant that offers authentic, tasty Taiwanese cuisine prepared in an open kitchen.

Lon Men’s Noodle House website: http://lon-mens-noodle-house.business.site

Charlottenburg: Kantstrasse 33

Simply super tasty!
Simply super tasty!

Huong Que

The fine home recipes of many families, preserved and remembered by their daughters and sons, the dishes and the atmosphere of the Mekong Delta. In the Huong Que restaurant, located in Kreuzberg, you can expect comfortably furnished rooms, a family kitchen and local drinks, diverse, but always personally in loving memory of Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine, excellent Pho but also the other dishes are up to par, all to be enjoyed in the light suffused by a multitude of characteristic Vietnamese straw hats that cover the ceiling of the room.

Huong Que official website: http://huong-que.de/bergmannstr/

Kreuzberg: Bergmannstrasse 96 (Bergmannkiez)



Berlin is a city in continuous growth and in continuous movement, therefore, our list is only a small part of the Asian kitchens that you will find in this city.

And now we can only wish you… douzo meshiagare (Japanese), chúc ngon miệng (Vietnamese), masitkke deuseyo (Korean), gin hâi a-ròi (Thai), Guten Appetit (German) or a more simple enjoy your meal!