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So Kreuzberg has definitively rejected the Google campus

Google relinquishes its campus in Berlin after the protests of Kreuzberg district. The project would have involved the construction of a company campus in the Berlin most cool kiez: the population has been opposing it for months because of the fear of gentrification and Big G has thus decided to desist.


The technological hub of Google will not be in Kreuzberg
The technological hub of Google will not be in Kreuzberg

Finally, Google abandons Berlin base after two years of resistance

Sometimes even the giants of the technology world, like Apple, Google, IBM, and Facebook, have to bow in front of the protests of the population. In this case, it was up to Google that he had to give up building a campus in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.

The California company has indeed found the clear opposition of citizens to the opening of this form of incubator for startup within a former electrical station now converted to a place for the organization of events. The popular uprising in the district of the German capital is not a news: the battle of citizens against the gentrification of the neighborhood and the possible consequent increase in rental prices with the arrival of a multinational company like Google in the area.

Not to mention the will to defend a public space from privatization. But the opposition to Big G, in some cases, has gone even beyond the specific circumstance and is well represented by the contents of the site “Fuck off Google” made by a French activist transplanted in Berlin.


Kreuzberg said NO, but others districts are welcoming Google

After the big “NO!” received from Kreuzberg to the building of a space for a new Google campus, the web giant is looking for other options among the various districts of Berlin.

The project in question would concern the construction of a campus for startups. Despite the protests that in recent days led to the cancellation of the plan on Kreuzberg, it seems there are other areas of the city that would not disdain at all a partnership with Google.

Lichtenberg and Spandau showed openings towards Google, so the final word in this story isn’t written. For the sake of Berlin’s economy, it might be a big opportunity. Kreuzberg has an issue with the growing gentrification, but others districts no.


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