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Shopping session #38

Shopping session #38

Creative shop in Berlin

The sound of Berlin

The sound of Berlin. A journey through the capital of electronic music Interesting documentary, but this weird thing isn't the real Berlin as it seems...
STUDIO183 - Brunnenstrasse 183 - 10119 Berlin

Happy Birthday to STUDIO183

Happy Birthday to STUDIO183. The collaborative store concept that features Berlin's finest curated selection of independent fashion, design, and art. It also recommended by...
Berlin city. Poor but sexy and full of creative people

What It Costs To Live In Berlin

Dubbed by its former mayor as “poor but sexy”, Berlin city has fostered a large community of creatives including artists and musicians for over...
Street life #276

Street life #276

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Diadora, the new collection inspired by Berlin

The Diadora brand and the exciting pop scene of Berlin

Inspired by the meeting place of the Berlin teenagers, the capsule collection is the amazing explosion of the collaboration between Highsnobiety and Diadora designed...