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Berlin city. Poor but sexy and full of creative people

What It Costs To Live In Berlin

Dubbed by its former mayor as “poor but sexy”, Berlin city has fostered a large community of creatives including artists and musicians for over...
Visit Berlin - The Don'ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin. The Don’ts of Visiting Berlin

What to do and what to don't do in Berlin. Here the video that shows you all the don'ts about Berlin city and Berliners....
Street life #271

Street life #271

SPICED Academy’s Full-Stack Web Development Program is now officially certified!

How to quickly find work in Berlin as a web developer

Do you want to live in Berlin? Did you dream to be a software developer? Why don't you glue both the things? With the...
Do you need a fridge? Take a look on the streets of Berlin

Yes, you can get free stuff among Berlin’s streets

Yes, you can easily get free stuff among Berlin's streets because it's a Berlin's tradition. Walking through the streets of Berlin you will occasionally...
As you know, Berlin is a generally marijuana-friendly city

Hemp in Berlin. Demonstration for the legalization of the cannabis

Bärenstark for hemp in Berlin. A powerful demonstration for the legalization of the cannabis in the context of the worldwide Global Marijuana May. Weed...