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Best of Berlin city with Marlon Hoffstadt

Berlin lifetime native and House/Techno producer Marlon Hoffstadt, took some time out from producing to show us his 5 STAPLES of the...
Street life #224

A practical guide to Berlin

A practical guide to Berlin with what key information, is it really possible? All the series of phenomena and situations that would...

Live Like a Local. What to do in Berlin

When you travel, it's great to know what to do when you arrive at your destination. Upgrade your international status from "tourist"...
Berlin city. Poor but sexy and full of creative people

What It Costs To Live In Berlin

Dubbed by its former mayor as “poor but sexy”, Berlin city has fostered a large community of creatives including artists and musicians for over...
Visit Berlin - The Don'ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin. The Don’ts of Visiting Berlin

What to do and what to don't do in Berlin. Here the video that shows you all the don'ts about Berlin city and Berliners....
Berlin is really a unique place, also in Bourdain's opinion

Anthony Bourdain and the creative wonderland of Berlin

Anthony Bourdain, chef, and writer, dined in Berlin with Ellen Allien in his latest episode of a culinary travel show. His death last Friday...