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Why can we feel? Live music in Mauerpark

Mauerpark, in Prenzlauer Berg, is unique. Aside from the market park and the food side, this park can offer extremely particular experiences....

The road to Devil’s Mountain

Heerstrasse is a railway station located in the Westend district on the western city border of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin and today it...

Viktoriapark. Waterfall and monument in Kreuzberg

The Viktoriapark (aka Victoria park) is one of the most famous urban parks in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany.

ViktoriaPark. An alternative Silvester in Berlin

Viktoriapark is certainly one among the prettiest parks in Berlin. A natural hill which has a waterfall flowing from the National Memorial...
Green in the city #62

Green in the city #62

Frost on leaves, Berlin
Spreepark Berlin

Spreepark. An abandoned amusement park in Berlin

The Spreepark in southeastern Berlin has been abandoned for the last years, and it became an interesting obscure attraction of the city. Each part...