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Street life #282

Street life #282

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Berlin first impressions. This city is amazing

Berlin first impressions. This city is amazing

A couple for the first time in Berlin and the first impressions are so good: Berlin city is quite amazing. A vlog experience with...
Visit Berlin - The Don'ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin. The Don’ts of Visiting Berlin

What to do and what to don't do in Berlin. Here the video that shows you all the don'ts about Berlin city and Berliners....
The legendary Myfest. the legendary Myfest

MyFest Berlin. Celebrating Labour Day in Kreuzberg

Now here we are, Labour Day is coming on 1st May and it brings also one of the most beautiful events in the city, the...
Bergmannstraße, Bergmannkiez - Kreuzberg, Berlin

Parklets in the Bergmannstraße for the benefit of pedestrians

A new idea of parklets in the Bergmannstraße has become reality. The Berlin Senate wants to make the Bergmannstraße a meeting place for the...
Oooh, Berlin! Keeping on top of what’s new & exciting

OOOH, BERLIN! The great free maps

Oooh, Berlin! lovingly creates free cool maps for Berlin locals, expats and culture-hunting visitors. If you're tired of seeing the same old boring maps...