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The road to Devil’s Mountain

Heerstrasse is a railway station located in the Westend district on the western city border of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin and today it is listed as a historical monument.

So Berlin, so unique

The station is situated on the Heerstrasse road, the major thoroughfare from Berlin’s inner city to the west and, from the station, through the Teufelsseestrasse you can arrive at the Mountain of the Devil. Walking in the forest, climbing the hill, you reach the famous Teufelsberg spy listening station.

In the video, you can see the walk from the Heerstrasse railway station, along the Teufelsseestrasse road and through the forest of the Devil’s Mountain aka Teufelsberg Hill. From here, the large Grunewald is extended toward the south-west and spotted with lakes and rivers.

The Berliners certainly love their forests and lakes, also the Grunewald plays an important role during the summer season. Just a few minutes and you can pass from the cozy coffee in Bergmannstrasse to the glamour pub in Charlottenburg with the fast U-Bahn then to magic forests and hills near the Heerstrasse railway station thanks to the serious S-Bahn. What do you think about?

Without a doubt, Berlin is the magic place to be.

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