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The sound of Berlin

The sound of Berlin. A journey through the capital of electronic music

Interesting documentary, but this weird thing isn’t the real Berlin as it seems made for tourists, and even so to attract more of them. Berlin has real underground places, which people really falled in love with, like Berghain, Suicide Circus, Blank, also all the LGTBQ-community and it’s love for electronic music, the raves and more and more.

This is only the shiny crisp glass for tourist, because Berliners aren’t so commercial and don’t give attention who is at the deck. Never. Berliners think only to have fun and stay in good mood with other people.


This “god-like DJ” stuff is so ridiculous. Berlin is about freedom, and music. Nobody used to care about the guy/chick at the decks!

Thomas Serriere


Interviews w/ Juan Atkins, Dr. Motte, Dimitri Hegemann, Marc Houle, Monolink, Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Nela, Alexander Krüger, Ekaterina, FreedomB

Score by Marc Houle: https://lnk.to/MarcHouleSoundOfBerlinEP

Executive Producer – Hermes Eck

Producer – Franziska Koch, Carolina Thiele

Produced by Herr! Media tv-productions GmbH