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ViktoriaPark. An alternative Silvester in Berlin

Viktoriapark is certainly one among the prettiest parks in Berlin. A natural hill which has a waterfall flowing from the National Memorial at its summit to street level.

The legendary Silvester Night at the top of the hill in Berlin

New Year’s Eve in the melting pot of culture and art, but the most incredible thing of Silvester’s night in Berlin are the fireworks. You can be surrounded from the lights and the sounds of fireworks in every single part of the German capital.

You will be really astonished by the number of fireworks that fall over the roofs of Berlin city

Nevermind, it’s Berlin. It’s odd, it’s fun. Take a look at a small part of Berlin’s fireworks, from the point of view of Viktoriapark (and beyond) in Kreuzberg.

Note: Fireworks in Berlin start a week before New Year’s Eve and will continue until a week later. There will be, as every year, two weeks of delirium in Berlin.

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