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Why technology startups love Berlin city

Think startups, and maybe you picture a Harvard dorm room or a garage in Silicon Valley. But these days, about 1,300 fledgling tech companies have set up shop in Berlin, and now this city with so much dark history is looking at a bright and innovative future.


Berlin is a brilliant ecosystem for startups and the city is second to no one in the world

Berlin combines the best about London, San Francisco, and New York without being overwhelming. The neighbourhoods of the city have become fertile ground for tech startup seeds and the city has also welcomed the wave of people from over the world, this thing united with economic incentives and the low cost of the life (compared to cities like Paris, London, San Francisco and New York, but even Amsterdam or Milan) made a crackling combination that pushed Berlin into the Olympus of the new startups friendly cities.

Brits already loved Berlin and also the Brexit gave a big push to move the best European startups to Berlin. Obviously, the city had, has and will continue to receive them with open arms. With Berlin’s startup scene already having overtaken London’s in terms of venture capital investment in 2014, with the city has become the number one cryptocurrencies friendly city in the world and the latest years here has told only one thing: Berlin is a brilliant ecosystem for startups and the city is second to no one in the world, so this is why technology startups love Berlin city.


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