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Why you should buy a house in Berlin. Now

Berlin house city market is growing too fast in Berlin. The city currently has an existing annual shortfall of around 120,000 homes and construction of new houses can’t follow that rhythm. More than 50,000 new Berliners every year, a declining supply and a rising demand for houses mean you should buy a house in Berlin quickly.


The Berlin Spree - One of the city's most important attractions
The Berlin Spree – One of the city’s most important attractions

Berlin. The place to live, the place to invest

Berlin is the informal capital of Europe and one of the most popular cities in the world. Literally, people from around the world are drawn to the metropolis, because, like few other cities, it stands for an outstanding quality of life and strong economic performance. At this time, Berlin is the most attractive city for many factors; it’s happening something like what happened in New York and London in the past.

Known as a cosmopolitan city, German and English are the official and principal spoken languages in Berlin but other commonly spoken foreign languages are Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Kurdish, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Croatian, Greek, Serbian and some other Asian languages. Berlin is a centre for politics, culture, media, academia and research, it is above all the people from abroad who flock to the city to study, work and live here.


“The city’s economy is strong and its population is growing yet the rate of building of new homes is lower than it should be.”

Rabin Savion, chief executive officer and founder of ADO Properties.


As a result, Berlin will need more new apartments in the coming years than any other city in the world. In the Spree metropolis, where you put your eyes, you’ll find some tower cranes at work. But it’s not enough, the demand for new houses is ever growing in Berlin and the rate of new constructions is unable to appease the request. Do you start to understand why this is the right time to buy a new house in Berlin?


This is the right time to enter the Berlin house market

Berlin is the most important market for new housing in Germany, in Europe, maybe in the world. There are currently around 5 million (3,7 only in the city urban area) inhabitants in Berlin and a recent forecast predicts this number will grow to eight million (more than 4 million in the urban area) by 2030. The need for housing is greater than ever. However, housing construction lags behind the high demand.

Berlin has also stepped up on the international stage, attracting new residents from all over the world because of its cheap cost of living, the beauty of the city and the many opportunities for investment. The city is one of the world’s top tourism destinations welcoming 30 million visitors per year and a competitive tech hub of more than 200,000 startups. Berlin has started to be the best cryptocurrency city in the world and a lot of new blockchain start-ups come in the city at a fast pace.

Last, but not least, Berlin real estate market is significantly undervalued, priced at half the cost of the value of similar properties in other European metropolis and 70% below the value of properties in London, New York or Hong Kong. Do you really need more reasons to invest in Berlin?


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