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Wrangelkiez – Club Der Visionaere

The Visionaere club has a new sundeck and a brand new indoor winter location.
The Hoppetosse can also be rented for private events! If you are in search of fun and party, the Club Der Visionaere is the place to be!


Wrangelkiez. From party’s nights to culture and food

Wrangelkiez, originally known as Schlesisches Viertel, is a famous small neighbourhood in the Kreuzberg quarter of Berlin. Wrangelkiez is centrally located within the borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg bordering the Spree river.

Wrangelkiez is home for students, artists and party/night/clubbers. The incredible atmosphere that breathes in the stretch full of so many nightclubs is extraordinary and unique.

An experience of smells, flavors and people that only Berlin is able to offer.

Take a look at the second part, along the Club Der Visionaere.


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